IntelliWealth, is a digital partner for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, excels in tokenising a diverse range of real-world assets. This includes company shares, properties, trademark values, and aspects of sustainability like carbon credits.


Our Approach

Our platform offers a streamlined approach to trading these digital tokens, promoting market transparency and eco-conscious investing. Our solution combines technological advancement with a commitment to environmental sustainability, meeting the dynamic needs of our partners.

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In primary markets, firms can efficiently tokenise assets like shares and properties, facilitating initial offerings. In secondary markets, these tokens become easily tradable, improving liquidity and dynamism. This dual-market approach streamlines asset management and investment.


Private Equity & Venture CapitaL


Elevate your capital-raising strategy with Intelliwealth's Tokenisation platform, an essential tool for progressive Private Equity and Venture Capital firms. Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with real-time settlements, accelerating the pace of transactions to match the speed of market demands. Our platform streamlines your business processes, seamlessly integrating with regulatory frameworks to ensure full compliance with minimal effort. With advanced security measures in place, safeguard your client's investments and maintain trust. Choose Intelliwealth, a proven and trusted platform, to harness the power of innovation, enhance your operational capabilities, and secure a competitive edge in the dynamic world of Private Equity.


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Tokenised Assets
IntelliWealth enables the conversion of real-world assets into digital tokens, revolutionising asset management and investment through blockchain technology.

Eco-conscious investment
Sustainability Investment Opportunities, providing a marketplace for investors to engage in eco-conscious investments.
Enhance Security
Enhanced Security through Immutable Records: Tokenisation on blockchain provides a secure, tamper-proof ledger, ensuring the authenticity and traceability of each asset's ownership and transaction history.
Fast Settlement
IntelliWealth's platform ensures rapid trade settlements, significantly reducing the time typically required for completing transactions in the digital asset marketplace.
Tokenised Trading Platform 
Tokenised Trading Platform: Offer a secure and efficient platform for trading tokenised assets and NFTs.

Tracking and Reporting
Real-Time Tracking and Reporting: Utilise our blockchain ledger for real-time tracking and transparent reporting of asset management.

Tokenising carbon credits

IntelliWealth serves as a vital conduit for companies and entities that have carbon credits to sell. For these organisations, particularly those involved in sustainable projects like reforestation or renewable energy, our platform provides a streamlined avenue to tokenise their carbon credits, transforming them into digital assets that can be traded more easily and accessibly. This process opens up a new realm of possibilities for sellers, granting them access to a wider market of potential buyers, including smaller investors who traditionally might not have participated in the carbon market. IntelliWealth's robust and user-friendly platform ensures that the entire process, from tokenisation to sale and transfer of carbon credits, is seamless, secure, and compliant with regulatory standards. By leveraging our platform, sellers can gain maximum value from their carbon credits, contributing significantly to the financing of their environmental projects while engaging in a global effort to combat climate change.

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How we can support Offset carbon emissions 

IntelliWealth offers a comprehensive solution for companies aiming to offset their carbon emissions, harnessing the power of blockchain technology for enhanced transparency and efficiency. Through our innovative platform, companies seeking to mitigate their carbon footprint can easily purchase tokenised carbon credits, which represent verified emissions reductions from various projects worldwide. These tokenised credits not only simplify the process of acquiring and retiring carbon offsets but also provide unparalleled transparency and traceability. Each transaction is securely recorded on the blockchain, ensuring the authenticity and legitimacy of the carbon credits purchased. Additionally, IntelliWealth's platform enables companies to track their carbon offset journey in real-time, aligning with their sustainability goals and corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments. By participating in this eco-conscious marketplace, companies can not only meet regulatory requirements and voluntary carbon reduction targets but also enhance their brand reputation as leaders in environmental stewardship.



  • Diverse Portfolio Options: Invest in a variety of tokenised assets, including NFTs, for portfolio diversification.

  • Access to Tokenised Investments: Trade in digital tokens representing real world assets, digital stocks, carbon credits, and many more, enabling eco-conscious investments, and a secure form of payment.

    • Enhanced Transparency: Benefit from blockchain's transparent tracking and reporting for all transactions and asset histories.

    • Security and Reliability: Rely on secure, blockchain-based transactions with immutable records to reduce fraud risk.

  • Real-Time Market Access: Engage in instantaneous trading on a user-friendly platform with real-time market updates.

  • Real-Time Settlements.

  • Sustainable Investment Focus: Participate in investments that align with environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals.

  • In the United Kingdom, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have been recognised as property by the High Court. This landmark ruling, reported in April, establishes NFTs as a form of private property under UK law - help protecting your investments.


Immutable Transaction Records: Tokenisation on a blockchain platform creates a permanent, unalterable record of each transaction.


With each iteration, we ensure that our services offer you a better experience. 


Utilising the most secure methods of payments, the tokenisation of Carbon Credits will ensure an increased method of security

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